Under the sign of the Owl, these beauties are on a mission...

These are not
your usual witches.

2899 Beauties
Each with a different history and burden...

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Under the sign of the Owl... The lore.

These are not your usual witches.
All are very different, each one with a different history and burden, but all share a common trait:
They have been marked by the sign of the owl.

Sometimes obvious, sometimes hidden or merely suggested, the Owl is ubiquitous in this series.
It can hide as a jewel, a faint shadow, lay in a discrete make up, or just lend its spirit to the ones he touches.

Some of these girls were hurt, almost broken.
Some remained strong.
Revengeful women, or ready to forgive?
There's only one way to know:
look them in the eyes, see right into their souls.

Rejected or loved, beaten or flattered, they came out, bringing their inner light and darkness along.
They get rid of current society shackles.
Out of the shadows they lived in so far, they go out to spread a spark of light and wisdom.

Under the sign of the Owl, these beauties are on a mission: share a link, share ancient and collective wisdom.
Have people connected again to each other, connected to other living beings.

When you cross one of them, don't look the other way, don't speed up and ignore them.
Look them deep in the eyes, let the sign of the Owl mark you as well, let it reconnect you to the essence of things.
As a society, we need it if we want to survive.

Some may attract men with their generous body and unmissable cleavage, but this is just a bait.
It's their look that will lock you up and make understand the underlying truth:
We all are connected.